Sharing knowledge effectively using a webinar

Monday, September 18, Dutch TV program Nieuwsuur broadcasted an item about:
"Even with a zero-hour contract you are entitled to a fixed salary".

Online Seminar webinar featured in Dutch TV program “Nieuwsuur*”
A news item by Dutch TV program “Nieuwsuur”, broadcasted September 18th, showed Maarten van Gelderen (lawyer of employment law) and Marloes Oelen (Editor of XpertHR Actueel) informing HR managers of the latest changes in HR laws and regulations using an online seminar. This regularly organized HR News is broadcasted through the OnlineSeminar platform and is accessible for affiliated members.

* Nieuwsuur is a Dutch program produced by the NOS  - the largest news organization in The Netherlands - and brings the latest news including context and backgrounds. 

Share knowledge through a webinar
A webinar is an extremely efficient means of sharing knowledge. You are able to give your presentation live to multiple online participants at once, from one location. This will not only save you costs but also (travel) time. Not just for yourself but also for all participants. Participants can view your presentation from any device. They can participate actively by asking questions and give answers to your poll questions and survey.

In addition, OnlineSeminar ensures that your online presentation is available on demand so that the information can be viewed at any time and to act as a reference.

Use a webinar to share knowledge!

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