Easy login procedure using Single Sign-On

One of the great advantages of an online presentation is that you can collect valuable and first-rate information about participants during your presentation. The quality of data generated by the OnlineSeminar webinar platform is guaranteed by a verified login process.

In order to log in to the OnlineSeminar platform, it is necessary for a user to register once and create a password. When you already have contact with your webinar participants because they are a customer or a member of your association, and have already created an account with your organization? Then you can simplify the login for a webinar using the Single Sign-On method.

What is Single Sign-On?
In order to prevent that your contact has to login again, OnlineSeminar offers the Single Sign-On (SSO) method. This means that the login that your customer uses to log into your organization is also used to log in to OnlineSeminars webinar platform. The customer only logs in once on your portal and can then directly participate in your webinars without having to log in again.

Advantages of Single Sign-On are

  • Log-in only once makes participation easier
  • User-friendliness (users need to remember fewer credentials and passwords)
  • Less technical questions before and during a webinar

Implementation of Single Sign-On
The Single Sign-On method is relatively simple to implement. Using a unique identifier (e.g. a customer number) we can import your customers or members into our system. As all of the data can be exchanged secured between the two systems, you still comply with the Personal Data Protection Act. It is also possible to automatically import the data collected by our platform into your CRM system by using an API. 

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