Strategic cooperation OnlineSeminar and De NFGD

Since last Friday June 10th the collaboration between OnlineSeminar and De NFGD is official. Both companies produce high quality communication products. This close cooperation is a logical next step in order to get the highest results. “Both organizations are dynamic and innovative. The customer highly profits from this synergy”, says François Hobma, CEO of De NFGD.

More and more companies understand the significance of interactive online communication. OnlineSeminar facilitates in bringing this message across, live and interactive, by means of webinars broadcasted by the OnlineSeminar platform. Webinars are seminars or presentations, broadcasted live and online, hence the name OnlineSeminar. They offer interactive, innovative, and state-of-the-art online communication by means of webinars. Completely measurable and supported by a team of experts.

De NFGD is an audiovisual company that offers the highly innovative technological solutions for the perfect webinar. De NFGD helps customers getting across their message in the best possible way. Good communication helps the world to get ahead, but brilliant communication changes the world. De NFGD translates audiovisual needs to brilliant solutions, that tell and spread the story even better: Your Story Better Told.


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