What is the best way to invite your webinar audience?

You want to communicate with your target audience using a webinar, and for example, present your quarterly figures, explaining your latest mortgage product, or telling your employees or customers about the latest developments within your business.

When organizing a webinar, it is important to make the registration process for participants to your online presentation as smooth and easy as possible. But how do you now know what the best strategy is for inviting and enrolling your audience?

This question also arose with our customer ING. Together we conducted an A/B test. For this, we divided the database into half, and invited these groups at different times, with different mailings for the same webinar. The wording, time of sending the invitation, and the look and feel of the invitation were different for both groups. The evaluation of the outcome and the number of registrations per group gave ING very valuable insights into the most efficient way of inviting.

What can OnlineSeminar advise you about?

  • How do you ensure that a person can register as quickly as possible, and with as few steps in the process as possible?
  • What personal information do you want to ask during the registration process? And what consequences does it have if you want us to customize your registration process?
  • How many invitations do you send? Do you send this one-time only or do you choose to send a reminder for people who have not yet signed up?
  • How long before the actual online presentation do you send invitations?
  • Testing different types of texts in your invitation.
  • Does data from previous webinars provide you insight into different interests of your target audience?

And while you think about how to make the registrations process as smooth as possible, do not forget to put the following tips into practice:

  1. What is the right day and time for your webinar? Read more about this in OnlineSeminar webinar tip 3.
  2. Formulate a captivating title, and make a clear description text.
  3. Invite an inspiring and/or famous speaker.

Would you like to know how we can advise you about the most appropriate way of inviting your webinar audience?

The OnlineSeminar Account Managers are happy to inform you.