The usefulness of presentation training sessions for a webinar

OnlineSeminar offers full-service webinars. This means that we fully support our client before, during, and after every webinar. In addition to our service, our clients can use one of our professional studios. Apart from that, we offer presentation training sessions for new, but also experienced speakers.

Presenting well on camera
The reason that OnlineSeminar offers these presentation coaching sessions is that it is a true challenge to present well. A presentation for a room with people is different from presenting on camera. The person presenting must take into account other matters. For example, in a studio, no audience is responding to you. If you are alone in the studio then nobody laughs at jokes. If you present with two people, there will be for sure an interesting interaction. You can take turns in presenting and complement each other.

Presentation training sessions by OnlineSeminar consists of two parts
A presentation training session will be scheduled approximately two weeks before the start of the actual webinar. We start the training with a part theory in which we discuss the presentation. For example, we provide tips on how to set the goal of a webinar and provide tips and tricks that can be used in the studio.

After this, we move to the studio to actually present on camera to practice your presentation. Here the presenters get familiar with the bright lights, the OnlineSeminar webinar platform and the cameras that actually are your audience. This practice is, of course, the best part but also the most difficult. During these practice webinars, OnlineSeminar’s Account Managers will give tips to make your webinar even more successful.

The usefulness of a presentation training session
Presentation training sessions are organized on a regular basis with our clients. After such training, every webinar presenter appointed by the company is pleased to have had this opportunity and sees that it is not that easy to present and prepare a good webinar.

We clearly see the difference in webinar quality where presenters did not follow a training and webinars where one has followed a training session. Due to the details that are mentioned during the training sessions, such as small adjustments in the presentation and its construction, presenters come to different insights, which contributes to a qualitatively better webinar. Therefore, we always recommend an OnlineSeminar presentation training session!

A presentation training session takes up to 2 hours max. The price of such a training starts at € 325, -.

Do you want to know more about following a presentation training session? Then contact one of our Account Managers.