Use a survey for valuable feedback

The support team of OnlineSeminar provides support in the preparation, implementation and broadcasting of full-service webinars. Through years of experience with many different online seminars, the team has a wealth of knowledge. Valuable information that you can use when organizing a webinar. Are you fully exploiting all the interaction elements that the OnlineSeminar webinar platform offers?

Would you like to know how the participants of your online seminar value your presentation? Or in which other topics viewers are interested. Then use a survey!

Use a survey and get valuable feedback
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No less than seventy percent of the webinar organizers at OnlineSeminar use a survey.

A survey gives you the opportunity to ask participants their opinion about, for example, the content of your presentation, or about the webinar hosts themselves.

OnlineSeminar offers you a general survey by default, in which participants can give their opinion in eight questions. This is a pleasant mix of open and closed questions. You can, of course, adjust the survey completely to your own wishes.

enquête ingevuld direct na live webinarThe willingness to fill in a survey is highest among live participants, about 42% *.

NPS score
Important data that you can collect with the survey among others is an NPS score. An important KPI for many companies to measure customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. If you regularly give an interactive online presentation, the score will provide a reliable outcome and after a number of broadcasts, you can determine what percentage of the participants your detractors, passives and promoters are so that you can better tailor any follow-up actions.

Immediately after each webinar, a report is available in which you can see exactly what the number of respondents is (in total and per question) and what, for example, the average rating is in response to the questions asked.

Would you also like to use a survey? Our support team can help you preparing it. Contact us for more information!

* measured over approximately 50,000 surveys conducted in 2017


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