Webinar as a retention marketing tool

Investing in existing customers is important. Sourcing a new customer takes a lot more time and money than maintaining and expanding a relationship with an existing customer. But what resources can you use to retain customers and increase their value?

How can you make existing customers more loyal to your brand or company?
You can engage existing customers to you by (among other things):

  • Pro-actively share knowledge
  • Show interest in your customer
  • Offer good service

A webinar is a perfect tool to interact with your current customers. You will no longer be just the sender of the message, but you enable your target group to communicate directly with you. Our webinar software offers various possibilities for interaction. Every form of interaction provides data that you can use later on to respond even more specifically to the (latent) need of your customer.

Example of successful retention
Online learning organization Squla very successfully uses webinars to reach a large group of parents through the organization of online parent-teacher conferences. In these webinars, Squla shares knowledge about the development of school-age children and, for example, provides information about various school tests. In this way, Squla engages a broad target group, thereby also increasing the knowledge about the product they offer. The result is customer expansion; more intensive use of the product and an increase of the target group.

What is retention marketing?
Retention marketing is aimed at retaining customers and building a valuable and long-term relationship. With this form of marketing, the goal is to encourage your customers to repeat purchases and/or encourage them to purchase other products from your company.

Do you want to know more about a webinar as a retention marketing tool? Our account managers are happy to inform you about the many possibilities of our platform without obligation.


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