Webinar as cross media channel

The key pillars of the media, print and television are increasingly under pressure by the changing viewing and reading habits of its audience. The online part that supports television and print is becoming increasingly important. There is no way of avoiding a cross-media approach of viewers and readers.

From television to online
The influence of social media is becoming increasingly significant. Marketers are open to a selection of specific dates and the luxury of targeting a specific audience with the right campaign. The relatively anonymous television viewer is becoming less and less interesting for marketers.

RTL Z webinars in DutchBy combining television with a strong online platform, consisting of high-quality articles, visibility on social media channels, and interactive and personal broadcasts, such as online seminars, previous anonymous viewers suddenly have a face.

A good example of this is Dutch broadcaster RTL Z, that regularly organizes free webinars in collaboration with various partners with diverse topics like investment, career, big data, etc.

From print to online
For publishers, it works exactly the opposite way. The readers' personal data is often offline. The number of readers and their geographical spread is known to the publisher, but whether these readers have seen your advertisement and what the conversion is, remains difficult to measure. Advertisers can no longer be content with this situation.

You can further deepen a weekly or monthly issue by making your readers loyal to you online as well. This allows you to show your advertisers who are really interested. This increases the value of advertising with you or to organize a webinar together.

Offer your content through a webinar
Viewers and readers no longer want just the one or the other, they want to collect knowledge in different ways. By setting up a solid platform with a wide range of articles, social media, blogs, vlogs, the ability to view programs on-demand and organizing interactive webinars, you can commit a larger group of people to your brand or business.

Using interactive broadcasts with the OnlineSeminar webinar platform, you know exactly who these viewers are!

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