Webinar as internal communication tool

For Teva Pharmaceuticals, OnlineSeminar facilitated two live webinars, live from the annual ERS International Congress in Milan. TEVA’s objective was to inform their managers on the progress of ongoing studies and plans for next year.

From September 9 to 13, the annual International Congress of the European Respiratory Society (ERS congress) took place in Milan, Italy. The event offered more than 25,000 professionals from all areas of respiratory medicine from around the world the opportunity to participate in a scientific and educational program.

TEVA uses webinar for internal communication with their employees
Teva Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in Amsterdam, informed their managers during the ERS congress about the progress of their technological and therapeutic research and plans for next year.

As with any conference, not all employees were able to attend the conference in Milan. In order to inform everyone about the latest developments, TEVA asked OnlineSeminar to provide live broadcasts of their symposia in Milan. In the morning, a live session took place to inform employees in the Asian Pacific region, followed by a live webinar in the afternoon to inform managers in Americas.

Webinar as internal communication tool
At an increasing number of organizations, we see an intensification of communication between board, management and employees. A webinar from OnlineSeminar is your ideal medium for live, interactive, and above all, transparent communication with your employees. Moreover, it’s an extremely efficient tool.

Does your organization have offices in different locations? With a webinar, you bring your message across to all your employees and stakeholders. In addition to this, a webinar is a particularly effective medium and a very effective tool. The willingness of employees to take in business information through video is many times greater than that of written documentation.

Use a webinar for internal communication and keep your staff up-to-date and involved with your organization!

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