NEW: webinar editor of OnlineSeminar!

Nearly all webinars broadcasted via the OnlineSeminar platform will be made available in an on demand version after the live broadcast. Participants who were not able to watch your live presentation can view your webinar afterward at a time when it is convenient for them. A live broadcast of a webinar is really live, allowing direct interaction with the viewer. For the on-demand version of your presentation, however, you may occasionally want to edit something.

A live webinar broadcast is as live as breaking news on CNN
A webinar is always recorded in a live presentation setting. The broadcast of a webinar is as live as the breaking news items on CNN. Even though your preparation was good and thorough, you may want to edit something before the on demand version is shared and reviewed. To allow this, OnlineSeminar is now developing a new webinar editor with many different options.

How to use the new webinar editor?

In the recording of your webinar, you can edit the following elements with the new OnlineSeminar editor:

  • You can replace presentation slides
    You can update your presentation to the latest information, or at least correct that one little mistake that appears to be there.
  • Customize call-to-action buttons
    You can change the text of your call-to-action and the color of the buttons afterward to achieve even more response from participants.
  • Poll questions you have used during the webinar can be changed or supplemented
    You can add a new poll question or edit an existing question to get even better response to your statement.
  • Change survey
    Statistics show that the response to that one question, which is so important to you, is less than you expected. Using the webinar editor you can adjust the survey or shorten the order and change or add questions.

When will the new webinar editor be ready?
The software of the OnlineSeminar webinar platform is continuously developed by the in-house programming team to stay ahead in the field of webinars, but primarily to meet the needs of all our customers. It is expected that the webinar editor will be ready spring 2018.

Want to know more about broadcasting an online presentation or want to learn more about the OnlineSeminar webinar platform and its possibilities?

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