A webinar has extended application potentials

A webinar is very versatile and is a perfect tool to present your message, brand and/or company. At OnlineSeminar, webinars are generally used to highlight issues of a serious nature.

For example, the webinar platform is used by banks, insurers, lawyers, pharmacists, various automotive brands and many more branches.

Online workshop about knitting
However, Wednesday, November 8th a completely different subject was raised, "How to knit fluffy socks". This online workshop was organized on the initiative of Dutch company Zeeman Textiel in collaboration with the ladies of Club Geluk, known for various DIY books, including a knit and crochet book. The event was widely announced on both the Zeeman website and social media. Also on Facebook where the event was pointed out as interesting by over 3,000.

In a totally relaxed setting surrounded by all kinds of knitted fabrics, the ladies of Club Geluk presented this first webinar about knitting.
While explaining the work to be knitted, the knitting in close up, the other lady answered the many questions that came through using the chat functionality during this workshop. A good example of the interaction offered by the OnlineSeminar webinar platform. In the background, a team was present to solve any technical issues and share tips with other participants through the chat.

The online workshop about knitting was received very positively by the participants. Almost 90% indicated that they wanted to participate in a workshop on knitting or crochet.

A webinar is more than an online presentation!
OnlineSeminar's webinar platform can be used in many different ways, including broadcasting:

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