Squla reaches hundreds of parents with PTA webinars

Online learning organization Squla proves the effectiveness and efficiency of webinars to reach a specific target group. In a series of four webinars parents of primary school children are informed about important developments in the educational system of the particular year of their child, in an online PTA meeting. On a fixed day and time, every week a new target group is addressed.

The kick-off of the webinar series is the first school week of the new year, right after the Christmas holidays, and starts with the PTA meeting for parents of children in grades 5 and 6. In the weeks that follow, the PTA meetings of children from respectively grade 3 and 4, 1 and 2, and kindergarten are broadcasted. Evidently, the live webinars can also be watched on demand afterwards.

Squla’s main objectives to utilize webinar technology are external communications, product promotion and sales. The e-learning institute reaches a particularly large group of parents with a great need for information. Accordingly, Squla’s target group expanded her knowledge about the product, resulting in customer expansion; increased use of the product and increase of the target group.

About Squla
Squla is an online learning environment where children from primary school can playfully practice with the learning material of all school subjects. Nearly one hundred thousand children practice at home with Squla’s online games and quizzes. Parents have their own account to encourage their child and monitor it’s progress.

Webinar series*

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