Webinar using your corporate identity at OnlineSeminar

Your corporate identity is important to you. We understand that better than anyone. While you use the OnlineSeminar platform, we ensure you that your webinar is fully embedded in your company branding.

How do you convey your story?
The preparation of a webinar starts with determining the topic, what will you tell, to which audience and at what time. Once this is clear, you can focus on how to convey your story and on other additional elements that keep the webinar interesting. Think of a joke you can make together with a co-host or show a video that supports your story. If you have done this, you have completed 90% of your preparation. But how can you take that final step towards 100%?

Webinar using your corporate identity
The OnlineSeminar platform is specially designed so that we are able to broadcast your webinar completely in your company branding. Your logo can be used, color schemes can be implemented but also, the background of a webinar page can be created in a look and feel that is appropriate for the online seminar.

In addition to the webinar web-page, the video image we broadcast from your presentation can be personalized. In our studio, there is a standard background available with a calm and professional look. But of course, it is also possible to personalize the background with a logo or image that fits your business or message.

Use a green screen!
At OnlineSeminar you can also broadcast a webinar using a so-called green screen as background. The background is literally green in color, and technology makes it possible to transfer it into every imaginable background. All you have to do is provide a picture. This way you can choose to portray your business premises, making it seem like you're presenting your story from outside. Of course, you can also choose an image that strengthens your story.

All of these elements ensure that your message ends up in the best possible and most personal way with your target audience.

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