What can a webinar do in election year?

The municipal elections in the Netherlands, where OnlineSeminar's headquarters are located, will take place on Wednesday, March 21st. With the votes on the various political parties, residents can indirectly influence the policy of the municipality in which they live. After all, the parties whose candidates received the most votes will get the most seats on the city council.

Getting the manifesto of a political party across
But how do you as a political party get the voters on your side? One must, of course, agree with the views, but if one does not know what you stand for, someone cannot agree or disagree with your party program.

The example outlined above is mainly about recruiting votes, but getting likes, hits, views, traffic, readers for your newsletter, product, release or website works according to the same principle. If one does not know what you stand for, your target group is not willing to commit to your brand and proceed to membership or purchase.

Get into direct contact with your audience!
By sharing information through an online seminar you can get in direct contact with the viewer. You have enough time to explain your party program or explain your product, but also to ask questions to the participants. The participants have the possibility to ask you questions so that a conversation can start. You have the opportunity to remove any ambiguities and show that you have solid knowledge. And this allows you to build a relationship of trust.

Creating a two-way communication channel with voters, customers and prospects in this accessible way mean that you can build a community that continues to grow.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities offered by the OnlineSeminar webinar platform, for example in elections or for other presentations?

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