What is GDPR ?

It seems that everyone is talking about the GDPR law that applies from 25 May 2018 throughout Europe. But what exactly is GDPR? And what steps companies must take to comply with this law?

GDPR is short for General Data Protection Regulation and is the new privacy legislation that applies from 25 May 2018, all over Europe. Being a company with headquarters in The Netherlands this law locally is called the AVG (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming) and follows the Dutch predecessor, the "Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens (Wbp)".

The law for the protection of privacy is tightened considerably. And that means that people can determine what happens to their personal details they leave, consciously or not, when they visit a website. In addition, companies are required to demonstrate that they have taken appropriate technical and organizational security measures to comply with the law. A good thing, we believe!

The OnlineSeminar webinar platform is GDPR compliant
The platform of OnlineSeminar which is used by many different companies in the media, financial and pharma sector naturally complies with this new legislation and is therefore GDPR compliant.

Each participant that signs up for a webinar registers as a user of the platform or has given permission for this at some point to the organizer of the webinar.

The system automatically sends an confirmation e-mail and it is up to the recipient to agree and finalize the registration process. E-mail addresses are always verified at OnlineSeminar in this way. How else could you know from whom you are about to collect data and whether this person has given his or her consent? Unfortunately, e-mail verification is not yet self-evident with all webinar providers. If you regularly organize webinars and have an office within Europe, then this is certainly an additional factor to consider.

Protecting data has our highest priority
The OnlineSeminar policy is aimed at protecting our customers, the data we receive from our clients and collect on behalf of our customers the best possible. With the achievement of the ISO certificate 27001: 2013, OnlineSeminar underlines compliance with the international requirements of information security. Do you want to read more about ISO and the certificate? Then read the article "OnlineSeminar officially ISO 27001 certified ".

For more information about GDPR in Europe click here!

If you have any questions about our webinar platform, please contact us.


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