Webinar features

An online seminar or webinar is a live broadcast that combines audio, video, slides and different communication possibilities, using the internet. People can log on and attend from any computer and are able to ask live questions and receive answers to them. There are various different terms that all mean somewhat the same: online seminar, webinar, webseminar, online college, online event or online presentation all refer to the same thing. We distinguish ourself by the following points below.

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100% Web based webinar tool

100% Web based

OnlineSeminar is completely webbased. Participants don't need to install software to take part in a webinar. The simplicity of our signing-up process gives you a maximum reach.

Webinar on the iPad


Seminars are available on Ipad and tablets by using our easy-to-use app. Free download in the App Store.

Interactive seminars


By using live chat, you can directly communicate with each individual on a personal basis. Your audience doesn't have to wait on an answer. All incoming questions can be answered privately as well as publicly, or can be sent on to the presenter.

Data storage of a webinar

Data & Overview

After each webinar you will have access to all gathered data and statistics. Among these data are the poll results, the survey and all chat on user-level. It's possible to export all data in an Excel file.


Replay internet webinars


OnlineSeminar provides a possibility to offer your target group a recording of the webinar. You can choose for each individual webinar if you want them to log on or not.


Desktop sharing during presentations online

Desktop sharing

OnlineSeminar offers the possibility for so called “desktop sharing”. This technique includes that the desktop of the presenter is shown to all participants. By doing this, the presenter can give website or product demonstrations.


Youtube and Flash during web meetings


Varying between slides, animations and video creates more involvement for the people watching and also helps to explain various topics. Therefore, we've made it easy to incorporate those in your presentation.