Your webinar in 3 stages

  1. Set up your webinar.
  2. Broadcast your webinar.
  3. Data conversion.

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Stage 1. Set up your webinar

1. Fill out the webinar booking form, in which you provide us with the date, time, and the number of participants of your webinar. You then use a tailor-made webinar environment with the look and feel of your organization. This design ensures the webinars and all communication around your webinars will be from top to bottom in accordance with your branding.

2. Reach your target audience with the right marketing tools. To enhance the scope of your webinar and increase your potential webinar participants, OnlineSeminar can offer support, for instance by creating banners for your social media channels.

3. Invite participants by promoting your unique webinar link through your marketing channels (email, social media, websites). You can opt for a freely accessible webinar or a closed webinar. Participants can register by using their social media accounts. They will receive a notification automatically after logging in.

Stage 2. Broadcast your webinar

4. You can start broadcasting your webinar after the setup. You can broadcast from our studio’s in Amsterdam, our mobile studio for on-site broadcasting, or your own studio facility. Both the presenter and the moderators, who are appointed by you, are present for broadcasting. The moderators can also work from a different location. They will respond to all incoming chat questions. During the webinar broadcast process you will receive full support of OnlineSeminar’s production team. The broadcast will start on a predefined time. Participants do not have to install any software.

5. Webinars are broadcasted live, but you can also decide to make the webinar available for on-demand watching afterwards. You can then share the webinar with your target audience. In addition, we provide you with a personal webinar archive, which contains all your on demand webinars. 

Stage 3. From data to conversion

6. Each webinar yields an extensive amount of information about your webinar and its participants. Prior to, during and after the webinar, the OnlineSeminar platform gathers different kinds of data. Therefore, afterwards you’ll receive information on contact details, participation level, clicks to call-to-actions, and answers to polls and surveys, and the complete chat history.

7. With the call-to-action buttons you are enabled to activate participants in making a buy, an information request, brochure download, newsletter sign up, registration to an upcoming webinar, or a commercial act of any other kind. By analyzing all the gathered data, you will have all the insights you need to get an even more elaborate representation of your target audience in order to plan the possible follow-up actions for the conduct of business. 

Broadcasting facilities

The OnlineSeminar platform is extremely accessible. You can broadcast from any given location. In accordance with your wishes, OnlineSeminar advises you in choosing a suitable broadcasting facility from the wide range OnlineSeminar offers. 

Studio facilities

Should you choose a professional studio setting, then OnlineSeminar offers various options in its own studio’s in Amsterdam, Zoetermeer, and Brussels. Our studios are managed by professional studio operators and standard equipped with professional cameras and broadcast hardware. e.


On-site broadcasting

OnlineSeminar has several mobile studio solutions for on-site broadcasting. Whether it’s an one camera set up or a talk show setting for a seminar of considerable size, for every broadcasting, there is a suitable and affordable studio solution for OnlineSeminar to deliver.

Private studio

Have you grown into an experienced webinar host, and are you considering building a studio of your own? OnlineSeminar would be more than welcome to support you from drawing to realization. Together with our audiovisual partner NFGD, we build professional, easy to operate, and reliable studio solutions.