RTL-Z & OnlineSeminar: a partnership

RTL-Z collaborates with OnlineSeminar through the power of interactive broadcasting. By using online seminars, RTL-Z can effectively strengthen traditional television broadcasts and thereby reach and broaden her network.

About RTL-Z

RTL-Z is a 24/7 news platform that can be accessed through television, websites, apps and events. Entrepreneurs are inspired on a diverse set of topics, ranging from business and the stock exchange to cryptocurrency and technology. RTL-Z’s demographic profile mainly consists of men and women aged 25-59, whereof 32% are considered corporate decision maker.

Targeted content

27% of the RTL-Z users actively engage in an RTL-Z event such as an online seminar. Out of the webinar participants, 26% ask questions, which are answered in real-time by the hosts and experts. Vice versa, by asking poll questions, RTL-Z can collect valuable information about the knowledge level and main interests of the audience. Combined with the access to thousands of (new or updated) profiles, RTL-Z can target their future content in such a way that it is fully in line with the interests of these users.


5 benefits of the OnlineSeminar platform

1. Live broadcast capabilities

  • Fully interactive with chat, polling, call-to-action (opt-in system) and live voting
  • Studio graphics and a slide deck to support the storyline
  • Support for second video and desktop sharing

2. Fully customizable platform

  • A customized URL and design per concept or client
  • The offered content is tailor-made for the target market
  • The content can consist of OnlineSeminars, videos, advertorials, deeplinks to background information and call-to-action buttons

3. Extensive results

  • Immediately after the broadcast an interactive on-demand version is available
  • Automated follow-up emails to different viewer segments
  • Both the live and on-demand broadcast offer a broad spectrum of viewer activity data

4. One-time registration

  • Registration for a user profile based on their email address
  • Geo-restrictions are applicable to the content
  • Viewers can also be imported via external databases / API connections

5. Announcement service

  • Clickable agenda
  • Customized and automated confirmation and reminder emails and SMS messages
  • Social media integration with LinkedIn and Facebook

De Grote Cryptoshow

De Grote Cryptoshow

A perfect example of the partnership between RTL-Z and OnlineSeminar is De Grote Cryptoshow. The ever-growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has led RTL-Z to host a webinar on this subject. Experts share their tips and tricks on cryptocurrencies and blockchain, as well as their views on current developments. The interactive nature of the live webinar accelerates knowledge sharing and thus opens up the possibility for audience members to skyrocket their investments.