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Webinar Topics


Are you interested in hosting a webinar that will attract new customers and strengthen your reputation in your industry? A successful webinar requires engaging content that informs and educates your target audience. Keep these five tips in mind when choosing a webinar topic to ensure that your event is a success.

1. Determine who your target audience is and what they want to learn.
2. Choose a topic that contains reliable information about pain points, needs or skills that have value to this target audience.
3. Make sure your content is engaging and informative.
4. Use statistics and data to create even better content for future webinars.
5. Plan and promote your event well in advance to ensure maximum attendance

Your target audience in a nutshell:

  1. New customers or clients
  2. Existing customers or clients
  3. Internal employees
  4. External stakeholders/ shareholders

New customers or clients

As a business, it is important to focus on your sales needs and ensure that your marketing department is running smoothly. This can be done by holding webinars that are designed for both training and conversion purposes. These webinars should be created in collaboration with the sales and marketing department, using reliable data and a strategy for webinar content that aligns with other sales and branding materials. The data analysis team should identify webinar themes that drive sales in order to make the most impact. A good place to start is to take a look at the sales or pitch deck. These include marketing and sales information and all these points make good webinar topics.

Topics might be:

  • What are the key issues your product of service solves?
  • What are use cases examples of your product doing excellent work?
  • If you are a B2B company; Who are the customers of your clients?
  • If you are in the B2C; What can your customers achieve with your product or service?

By addressing these needs, you can create a successful webinar that will help improve your business as a whole.

Existing customers or clients

For your current client base who already work with you or know your product. Webinars are used as a customer success tool. By organizing webinars that will help your customers or clients to gain better and more understanding of your product or service will help lock them in. Because if you invest time to learn and understand something the chance that a person will change to another supplier will become less. So go through your database and pinpoint your users/ customers/ clients and try to create segments. Such as:

  • Heavy users
  • Repeat customer
  • One time customer

Create an email flow according to the type of customer and create different content for every individual type of client.

Topics might be:

  • How to use the product in the best way possible; what are the best hacks, how to’s?
  • How to use the product or service in different ways?
  • How can a product or service be used more often?

For internal use

As companies increasingly move towards remote workforces, it becomes more important to train employees effectively. Webinars are a great way to do so, as they save on travel costs and time, and can be recorded for future use.
To get the most out of training webinars, focus on common employee pain points that affect productivity. For example, you could create a webinar on streamlining the onboarding process, or addressing frequently asked questions. By doing so, you can help your employees be more productive – no matter where they’re working from.

As teams work more remotely webinars can also help in maintaining team spirit. Through all the interactivity which can be added to webinar you can use it for pub quizzes or all different types of work gatherings.

And last it is also great for keeping all different stake and or shareholders up to date. This audience is often pressed for time and scattered all over the globe. A webinar update can be a great alternative to a physical meeting.

In the end it is your own creativity that determines what topics are suitable for your webinars. The best way to find out is to start!