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Interactive Webinars 

Interactive webinars are the best way to engage your audience. By engaging your audience in a conversation, you are able to get feedback and questions in real-time. This allows you to tailor your content to their needs and ensure that everyone is getting the most out of your webinar. Additionally, interactive webinars create a more personal connection between presenter and attendees, fostering a sense of community among participants. 

By using features like polls, the live chat and further call to actions, you can ensure that your audience is involved in the conversation and invested in your webinar content. Additionally, by providing opportunities for Q&A in the live chat throughout the webinar, you can further solidify engagement by giving your attendees a chance to ask questions and have them answered in real-time.

How to create an interactive webinar?

When it comes to webinars, interactive ones are the best. This is because you are able to engage your audience in a conversation. For example you can use the live chat for AMA’s (ask me anything) this is great way to get your audience involved. But also through the poll questions you can learn to understand the general feeling towards the topic of your webinar. And by showing the results live in your webinar you will get a sense of community with your attendees.

 Learn how to tailor your content

This allows you to not only present your information, but also ensure that the audience is engaged and getting the most out of your content. Additionally, interaction with the audience lets you know whether or not they are grasping the material being covered. If questions arise during an interactive webinar, it also gives attendees clarification on points they may have missed. And this gives you the feedback to improve your next interactive webinar. This is a really simple win/ win situation for both the webinar organizer as for the future attendees.

Interactive webinars make it more personal 

Interactive webinars are the best way to create a personal connection between presenter and attendees. Additionally, fostering a sense of community among participants makes for a more engaging experience overall. And with the following ideas, tips and tricks you should be able to create your own engaging interactive webinar.

  • Polls – In the Online Seminar Self Service platform there is an easy to use option to create polls. Create multipul poll questions and share the answers directly in during your webinar
  • Easter eggs – Hide small bits of information in your presentation and ask in whether your attendees have spotted them, if so you can give them an incentive
  • Knowledge questions – During your webinar you can ask your audience questions about the webinar and the person with the most correct answers wins a price
  • Ask Me Anything or Q&A sessions – Involve your audience by letting them ask the questions via the live chat
  • Panel discussion or interviews – Invite appealing specialists to join in your webinar for an interview or panel discussion and then involve your audience by letting them ask questions