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Webinar platform vs webinar solution

-A webinar platform is a major piece of software that enables users to host and manage webinars.
-A webinar solution is a smaller application that can be run under a webinar platform, providing additional functionality such as registration, payment processing, and email marketing.

When it comes to webinars, there are two main options: a webinar platform or a webinar solution. But what’s the difference?

At Online Seminar, we try to have clear definitions for everything. We believe in facts and data, and our goal is to provide the best possible tool for hosting webinars and generating facts and data! Before we make any decisions, we want to make sure we understand exactly what we’re talking about.

Definition of software platform

First, let’s look at the definition of “software platform” according to

noun software platform
a major piece of software, as an operating system, an operating environment, or a database, under which various smaller application programs can be designed to run.

If we read the definition of software platform, we can distill the following:

  1. A major piece of software
  2. An operating system
  3. An operating environment/ database
  4. Smaller applications can run under the platform

Based on this definition, we can see that a software platform is a larger piece of software that allows other smaller programs to run on it.

The word “platform” is often used to describe software that provides an environment in which other software can run. For example, an operating system such as Windows or macOS can be thought of as platforms that provide an environment in which applications can be run. In the same way, database systems such as MySQL and MongoDB can be thought of as platforms that provide an environment in which data can be stored and accessed.

A webinar platform

In order to be considered a platform, software must be able to perform two key functions: it must be able to run other software, and it must provide an interface that allows other software to interact with it. The Online Seminar Self Service webinar software meets all of these criteria. It is able to run on multiple operating systems, and it provides an API that allows third-party applications to interact with it.

We no longer run a software solution but we from this moment on we proudly run the Online Seminar Self Service Platform! And the only thing left for you to try our platform yourself