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Have you ever wondered what a webinar is?

Are you curious to learn what makes webinars so effective, and how online broadcasts can help your business? Webinars are online events that allow people from all over the world to attend, view and interact with each other. They are often used for marketing purposes, but they can also be used in other ways. Webinars are popular because they offer an engaging way for companies and people to connect with each other and to exchange valuable information. 

History of the webinar

The term “webinar” was coined by webmaster Eric Raskin in 1994. The first recorded use of the word was on February 7th of that year when he posted on Usenet: “I’d like to announce a new conference series: Webmasters, Inc. will be holding quarterly conferences in New York City this year.” 

Since then, webinars have become increasingly popular as a way for businesses to connect with customers, partners and employees. They’re also used by nonprofits and educational institutions as well as governments who want to educate citizens about important issues without having to invest in live events. And during covid the power of webinars was truly understood and seen.  

As mentioned earlier on, a webinar is a live, online broadcast that allows you to interact with your audience in real time. You can do this by using features such as, the live chat, poll questions or other call to actions. You can use a webinar to promote your business, sell products or services, or just provide valuable content to your audience. 

 Here’s how it works: 

  1. Create an account on the Online Seminar Self Service platform.
  2. Invite participants via your own database and/ or email, social media, or other channels to attend the webinar.
  3. Present your interactive content and answer questions from your audience during the event.
  4. Use the data generated during the webinar to gain new insights and information about your target audience.
  5. After your webinar is finished the automatically generated on demand version can go live and will continue to gather valuable first party data.

Start today by hosting your own interactive webinars using Online Seminar!