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Online Seminar is the all-inclusive, easy-to-use platform that provides you with rich tools and data to get the most out of your webinar.

The ultimate way to create a webinar that engages your audience and helps you grow as a business.

We also provide you with rich data and an extensive set of interactive tools. Curious about the possibilities?

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Great features,
no hassle!

We like to keep things simple & fair:
no hidden costs, but one price and
all features at your disposal.

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Plug & Play
Set up your webinar in 10 minutes

No subscription
Pay per use

No costs for
extra features

High potential Reach
Up to 1,000 people at once

How it works in 4 easy and fun steps

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in 5 minutes

Set a date and time for
your webinar

Invite your audience using
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Let’s scale your business now

Webinars are the ultimate way to reach a large audience fast.

Lead generation

  • Showcase your company and your products
  • Answer questions of your audience instantly
  • Gain valuable data

Corporate communication

  • Align your teams
  • Share important milestones
  • Work across borders and time zones

Community building

  • Grow an international audience
  • Interact with all your fans
  • Get valuable follower insights

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1000 customers, 25,000 webinars and more than 1 million interactive viewers: for 13 years now, we are the webinar expert of Europe.