Webinar features

It doesn’t get better than this

Great stuff: you get ALL features for a fixed price. No add-ons, no extra costs. Honest & simple. As happens with tech companies, we love all our features! The big ones, but sometimes the small ones even more. However, as a client you just want the technology to work as easy and smooth as possible. This is what we have focused on.

You create your account, set a time and date for your webinar, create your content, slides, polls, or heaps of other different types of Call to Actions, invite your audience and then, Broadcast!

And after this you’ll receive all the data generated during your webinar. Because in the end therefore you want to use the Online Seminar platform; generate rich,  first party data ready for action!!

1. One account simple as that

  • Simplicity is key at Online Seminar
  • That is why we created one environment, with one account and one login for both broadcasters as viewers
  • This has the advantage that as a viewer you can; plan, create, share and broadcast within minutes from your account
  • As a broadcaster it is very simple to check how others are hosting their webinars, so you can see and learn

2. A 1,000 viewers in your webinar

  • At Online Seminar we believe in the more the merrier!
  • So that is why we say up to 1,000 viewers you go!
  • And if you do expect more viewers, contact us!

3. Use the live chat

  • Create interactive webinars with the live chat
  • Engage with your audience; let them ask questions
  • All data generated via the chat can be exported after the webinar

4. Add Polls for great interactive webinars

  • Use one or more poll questions  for instant feedback from your audience
  • Polls will give you valuable insights and data
  • As you can see what your audience individually answered

5. Add additional speakers and/or moderators

  • Adding additional speakers is always a good idea so we make sure this feature is easy to use so everybody can create an excellent webinar
  • Moderators will help you to structure and organize your webinar, so once again we made sure this feature is in there, read how this is done
  • By using both the viewers experience will be the best!

6. Use our proven email invitation tool

  • You can invite up to 1,000 viewers with the built in e-mail application
  • Create a great e-mail and share this with your contacts
  • Manage response and get people fired up for your webinar!
  • This all within the Online Seminar tooling. Get more info! 

7. Add content

  • We believe in viewer engagement!
  • With the tool it is easy to add your presentations, slides and chapters
  • So start now and create your webinar. Get more info on how to do this!

8. Generate data and feedback

  • Different types of data can be generated during the webinar
  • Such as your webinar statistics
  • This will help you to optimize your future webinars in duration, number of viewers and overall engagement
  • And off course all your data generated through the chat and polls

9. Automatically create your Ondemand webinar

  • Record an on demand version of your webinar, including all interactivity, and publish this on the Online Seminar platform
  • Your webinar will be viewed, and additional data is generated
  • And of course you can always download a static version for your YouTube channel

10. Web based tool

  • Run the tool from any browser
  • Use your webcam to start broadcasting
  • Plug and play with any other camera if you prefer

11. Choose your camera

  • The Self Service Platform works really well with your webcam and internal audio, just to keep it simple and smooth
  • But for those of you who want to take it up a notch. You can hook up external video and audio within seconds
  • Select your external camera and audio in the tool and lights, set, action!

12. Pay per use

  • One of our great features; pay only for what you use!
  • If you only want to broadcast every so often, than we think this is the fair option
  • But if you plan on using it more often, yes we will help you out with a subscription
  • Your choice!!