Webinar features

It doesn’t get better than this

Great stuff: you get ALL features for a fixed price. No add-ons, no extra costs. Honest & simple.

1. Invite up to 1,000 viewers

  • At Online Seminar we believe you should not pay extra when you create a successful webinar, the more the merrier!
  • So that is why you can invite up to 1,000 people per webinar
  • And if you do expect more viewers, contact us!

2. Add additional speakers and/or moderators

  • Adding additional speakers is always a good idea so we make sure this feature is easy to use so everybody can create an excellent webinar
  • Moderators will help you to structure and organize your webinar, so once again we made sure this feature is in there, read how this is done
  • By using both the viewers experience will be the best!

3. Use our proven email invitation tool

  • You can invite up to 1,000 viewers with the built in e-mail application
  • Create a great e-mail and share this with your contacts
  • Manage response and get people fired up for your webinar!
  • This all within the Online Seminar tooling. Get more info! 

4. Add content

  • We believe in viewer engagement!
  • With the tool it is easy to add polls, slides, surveys or almost anything you can think off.
  • So start now and create your webinar. Get more info on how to do this!

5. Generate data and feedback

  • Different types of data can be generated during the webinar
  • Adding content such as polls and surveys will allow you to learn more about your viewers
  • But we also show you the webinar statistics; so you can learn and optimize your webinar a next time

6. Use the ondemand tool

  • Record an on demand version of your webinar, including all interactivity, and publish this on the Online Seminar platform
  • Your webinar will be viewed, and additional data is generated
  • And of course you can always download a static version for your YouTube channel