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INOM, a Belgian training fund for employees in the metal and technology industry, organises around 60 webinars for its members each year. The organisation wants the highest level of service and therefore chooses for Online Seminar.

The content, the approach and the methodology of the training courses: that is the expertise of INOM. That’s what they want to focus on. Every year, the organisation receives more than 4.000 registrations for the multiple webinars. The last thing the organisation wants is to focus on technology. They do not have this expertise in-house. Professionalism is very important.

"Online Seminar offers us a total solution. We want to be totally relieved of all technological challenges. The studio in Brussels is easily accessible and professionally equipped in terms of camera, sound and lighting. The look and feel of the landing page has been adapted to our expectations. If necessary, the support department responds quickly to our questions. This allows us to fully focus on our expertise: the content. "

 Bart van Hooreweghe, coordinator at INOM

Partner since 2015

Since 2015 Online Seminar is the partner of INOM. The organisation doesn’t want the speakers to master the system: they only have to show up for their presentation. Moderators who take care of the intro of the webinar and launch the polls, among other things, should be able to use the system easily. Because of our unique full service approach, INOM decided for Online Seminar.

Total solution

Every year INOM broadcasts 60 webinars, using various webinar functionalities such as polls, and a landing page with all webinars. Our support team and staffed studios can be easily reached. INOM's webinars are recorded in our studio in Brussels. There are three cameras and a support team for the recording. INOM does not have to worry about technical matters.

INOM also set technical requirements. Webinars must be trackable on various devices and with different browsers. Both Flash player and HTML 5 are supported. The registration module should allow you to add extra fields. Desktop sharing and integration of video should not cause any problems. And not unimportant: we are GDPR compliant. Our system meets all these requirements with ease.

Thanks to our full service approach, INOM has exactly what it wanted: no technical challenges, just high-quality content. As an extra bonus, the training fund generates valuable data. The 4000 participants offer insights into their understanding of the material. INOM can use these insights for further webinars.

The facts

  • 60 webinars per year
  • Engagement: 4000 participants per year
  • Online Seminar partner since 2015
  • Full service package

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