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Juridisch loket

With offices in almost every city in the Netherlands, it is almost impossible for the Legal Help Desk Juridisch Loket to train all their employees personally about all legislative changes. E-learning via webinars offers a solution.

Juridisch Loket is a national organisation that provides free legal advice to private individuals. They use their website to help with information, advice and sample letters. They also give personal advice, or refer to lawyers and mediators. The staff of the Juridisch Loket must therefore be well informed about changes to the law, for example. Training is therefore also compulsory. Only then can they advise their clients in the right way.

Partner since 2014

Since 2014, Juridisch Loket has been working with Online Seminar to provide the assignments. The broadcasts take place on a monthly basis and are Always on demand: this allows employees to view the broadcasts whenever it suits them. Juridisch Loket chooses to record the broadcasts and not broadcast them live. The most important reason is that the training coordinator can do a final check to see if the content is completely correct. The broadcasts take place at Online Seminar’s studio.

Data generation

The main advantage of our system is that it still generates data in the on demand version. This means that a participant can also send chat questions in an on demand version and that the system saves these questions. No other company offers this tool. Within the webinar, participants can do tests, fill in polls or answer questions even when they are watching the broadcast at a later stage. This is very important for Juridisch Loket, because it ensures that the webinars remain relevant for all employees, now and in the future.

The webinars also generate data on the academic progress of the participants. Each participant receives a learning profile and based on this, Juridisch Loket can monitor their progress. The organisation can immediately see whether an employee has completed certain modules and what the results have been. Juridisch Loket can generate the results real time at a push of a button. By now, 660 Juridisch Loket employees have been trained with the webinars.

The facts

  • Partner since 2014
  • Broadcasted at Online Seminar studio
  • Webinars generate data on education
  • 660 employees trained
  • On demand version
  • Full service

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