Webinars as an interactive training tool


How do you properly share your knowledge with your employees and make sure that the information really sticks? It is a question that many financial institutions struggle with. That’s why KPMG opted for webinars.

Online Seminar facilitates their webinars as an exclusive partner. KPMG broadcasts about 14 training webinars per year. The webinars focus on various activities aimed at KPMG's advisors. The advisors are spread throughout the country at various organizations and all need to be informed about developments, changes in the law, and so on.

Why webinars?

KPMG used to organize a lot of physical events, but in the end this is a rather expensive and inefficient way. It remains a big challenge to get all employees in the same room at the same time. In addition, the shared information cannot be communicated with the employees who could not be there. An additional disadvantage is that you never get to speak to all employees at an event. During the webinar, participants can ask questions that will be answered directly during the live broadcast. In addition, by means of the poll functionality the employees are asked to give their opinion several times.

After the webinar, KPMG also uses the survey. This way they can optimize their training content and ensure that the correct information reaches the advisors. Consequently the advisor also has influence on the information that is shared.

Automatic testing, live and on demand

At the end of the webinar, the advisor is offered a test with various questions about the subject matter. Depending on the requirements and results, the advisor has passed the test and a certificate is automatically on its way. By means of an integration with the LMS of KPMG and the accrediting parties (NBA), the achieved PE points are automatically processed (optional).

After the webinar an on demand-link is generated which gives all advisors, including those who could not attend, the possibility to see the webinar. All interaction possibilities and certification remain valid during this on-demand webinar. This way, KPMG significantly increases its reach.

How does KPMG handle it?

KPMG has opted for our full service solution. With this solution, our professional project managers take full responsibility for them and they only have to deal with the content of the webinar.

Prior to the webinar, we plan a roadmap meeting to optimise the flow. The recordings will take place in our professional studio in Amsterdam where they will be supported by the technical team. There is also an evaluation afterwards.

In the long term, KPMG wants to make an in-house studio where Online Seminar can fully supervise and advise with the professional studio technician.

All desired functionalities within one platform, valuable expertise and guidance were the main reasons why KPMG chose us as a new webinar supplier. In addition, all participant activities are registered and most of the platform functionalities are automated in contrast to the previous supplier.

The facts

  • Full service package: studio, powerpoint presentations and aftercare
  • Automatic PE accreditation
  • Approximately 14 training webinars per year

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