How webinars enrich traditional television


How do you combine the interactive tools of online with the power of traditional television in a smart way? That was RTLZ's question. Together with Online Seminar, the business news platform created interactive TV broadcasts that provide more returning visitors with valuable insights and advertisers.

RTLZ is a 360° business platform that is accessible via TV, web, apps and events anywhere and at any time of the day, aimed at enterprising people. In addition to the traditional TV broadcasts, RTLZ decided to offer webinars to its target audience. Online Seminar is their partner. In this way, the platform can reach its viewers in several ways and keep them involved. Above all, they can talk to their target audience via the interactive functionalities of our platform, such as the live chat and polls. The broadcasts are about the themes Business, Stock Exchange, Finance, and Tech.

"The RTLZ online seminars have taken off big time and have become an increasingly important part of the marketing mix of many advertisers," says Peter Markus, Brand Partnership Manager RTLZ. "Through the webinars we get in touch with our customer's customer in an interactive, accessible way, which provides us with valuable insights."

 Peter Markus, brand partnership manager

Great commitment

Within RTL Z's network, 27% attend an RTLZ event, including the online seminars. The interactive broadcasts are well-attended and the viewers participate actively; 26% of the participants ask questions, answer polls and click on a call-to-action button. The range of RTLZ online seminars is therefore very valuable for companies within Business, Stock Exchange, Finance and Tech. RTLZ is able to successfully attract customers, advertisers and leads.

They also run webinars for RTL News, in which they respond to current events and the Stock Exchange Inside. These take place every Monday evening.

The Big Cryptoshow

RTL Z recently organised a webinar on cryptocurrencies. Since the Bitcoin's rapid rise in value, cryptocurrencies are hotter than ever. It inspired RTL Z to organize a webinar about it, called The Great Cryptoshow. During The Great Cryptoshow, current affairs were discussed, and experts shared tips and tricks on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

During the broadcast, the participants could ask questions. These were treated live and answered by the presenter and experts in the studio. It was great for the participants, but also for RTLZ. By submitting surveys to the participants, RTLZ collects information about their level of knowledge and interests. This allows future broadcasts to better meet the needs of the participants. With positive consequences such as: returning and involved participants. Moreover, RTLZ now has thousands of new and enriched profiles of participants.

The facts

  • 26% of viewers actively participate
  • 99% chance that viewers will follow future webinars
  • Grade webinar: 8.2
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