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Frequently asked questions

My audio and video are malfunctioning, now what?

Refreshing your browser with F5 can possibly solve the problem.

Your internet speed probably is the reason for the malfunctioning of your audio and video. Go to the test page to check your internet speed. If the test indicates that your internet speed is too low you might be able to switch to another internet connection.

My video stream is shutting down?

You can refresh your video stream with F5. This solves the problem in most cases.

Part of my video stream isn't visible anymore

Your screen is probably zoomed in. Click Ctrl+0 to recover this.

I am logged in from a corporate network, and I am having trouble watching the webinar

If you’re watching from a corporate network or with a VPN connection, you might experience some problems. Please close this connection, if possible, and open a permissible browser to watch the webinar.

There is an echo in my audio stream?

The webinar is probably playing simultaneously in two or more browsers. Please close all expandable browsers and continue watching in just one browser.