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Watching a webinar

A webinar participant has trouble with the sound and the footage

  • Check if participant has a stable internet connection 
  • Check if the sound is not muted anywhere, on the device used to watch or in the browser 
  • Run a diagnostics check for sound and footage on your computer to see if everything is working correctly 

Trouble watching the webinar?

This can have several causes. Please try the following solutions:

  1. Check if your device is connected to the internet (cable or WiFi)
  2. If you are on a company network (e.g. via VPN), this often blocks the connection to the webinar. Preferably use your own WiFi signal, your own internet connection at home or, if you are at work, your mobile phone.
  3. Try to refresh the page or use the ‘refresh arrow’ in your browser
  4. Try using a different browser such as Chrome or Safari
  5. Are you sure you have updated your browser to the latest version?
  6. Maybe your device is a bit older and might be incapable to handle the technology we use. Try another device (like your newest smartphone).

The webinar keeps loading and does not start, what can an attendee do??

This is probably due to the speed of your internet. Click here to go to a test page where you can check the speed of your internet. If the test shows that the internet speed is too low, you might want to switch to a different internet connection. Refreshing your browser may also solve the problem. The webinars are best viewed in Google Chrome or Firefox. It is also important to disable the VPN (these are secure company networks). You can also try using a different device.

Online Seminar Platform & Account

One account for everything!

The cool thing about Online Seminar is that we have created one environment for you. This means that you only have to set up one account and you can use this account for both broadcasting as well as viewing your webinars.

So if you are impressed by the power of webinars it is easy to plan, create, share and broadcast your own webinar. From viewer to broadcaster in just a few clicks, simple as that.

Menu structure explained

The left side menu structure explained, starting top to bottom.

But first and foremost, one of the key features is that you have one account for both broadcasting and viewing/ watching webinars you have been invited for.

  • The Online Seminar Logo is clickable and will lead you to your homepage
  •  The blue plus button, this is the start point in setting up your webinar. With this button you enter the first step in the process, by setting a date and time for your webinar
  • My Seminars here you will find your overview for the seminars you have planned or you have broadcasted
  • My Subscribed webinars, here you will find an overview for all the webinars you have been invited to, to watch
  • All the way down the button with your initials, this is your account page, here you can change your personal information

Adding content to your webinar

Adding content to your webinar is a crucial step in creating an engaging and interesting webinar. You do this in three simple steps

  • To start of you add your presentation, the format has to be a pdf file
  • After this you add the different chapters or sections you have in presentation
  • Finally you add poll questions which you can share with your audience

I see red triangels in my webinar overview

The red triangles are there to help remind you that you still need to add content. However you are able to go live without adding content all though we do not support this as we believe that the true power of a webinar comes forth from great interaction through presentations and polls.

How to share your event

Share your event by copying the link. When you create your event you get to option to share instantly. However if you want to this at a later stage this is possible. Every webinar which is published in the ‘ My Webinar’ section. And you can see three dots, click on the three dots and a menu will open allowing you to click in share event. Copy the link and add this to your email, social media, whatsapp or any other way you want to reach your future audience.

Event insights

The event insights will show you all that happend during your webinar. And you can always access this information. The data shown

  • Your full chat history, this will allow you to see who asked what question. And as your attendees have an account you can get back to them
  • The number of viewers/ subscribers, how many people watched and how long
  • Polls, here you find all the details regarding your poll questions

Broadcasting your webinar

My broadcast will not start

This can be caused by several things  

  • The tool itself should show a warning sign in the form of red triangle, if you see these anywhere in the tool please click and it should tell you what the issue is and how to resolve it  
  • The most common issues are; 
  • No server or internet connection, please check it there is a stable connection. If not, please refresh the browser or restart the computer. The other option is to reset/ restart your router  
  • The stream can not start because there is no channel available, please wait 5 minutes and then try again to start 
  • Please check if the camera and microphone are connected and working, if not please go to the settings menu and check if they are working. If you use any external devices, please check if they are connected and installed 
  • Please check if you start your broadcast at the right time and or date. Webinars can not start earlier or later then the time communicated. As this is important for your viewers they will have the time and date set in their diaries.  

Starting your webinar earlier than 5 minutes; is not possible

  • You can start 5 minutes earlier than your planed start time 
  • If you want to start earlier than that, you will need to change the original time and date 
  • You will need to send an updated invite with the new start time to your viewers

No image of myself

When I start the broadcast, I do not see an image of myself in the broadcaster Possible causes  

  • Check if your camera is active  
  • If you use your webcam check if it is working 
  • If you use an external camera, please check if the camera is connected and installed properly  
  • Check your browser settings that the browser allows the use of an external camera

I want to use a different camera or microphone

  • The camera or microphone offered/ connected is not the one I want to use  
  • Go to the settings section in the Online Seminar tool (click on the settings icon) and select the camera or microphone you want to use  
  • If the camera or microphone are not detect here please check if they are properly installed or connected 

No streams available

The system says there are no streams available. This is extremely unfortunate, the simple solution here is to start your webinar a little later. Try every 15 minutes to see if a channel has become available. 

Please do not forget to notify your audience that the webinar is starting later due to a technical issue.

During the broadcast the screen image disappears

This can be numerous of things

  • First and foremost, make sure your internet connections is stable  
  • Instead of using wifi try a cable connection is this will be more stable 
  • Please check if your webcam is working properly, the cap is off and there is no dirt on it 
  • Please check of your external camera is connected and installed properly  

What should I do if my screen is faltering?

This is probably due to the speed of your internet. Click here to go to a test page where you can check the speed of your internet. If the test shows that the internet speed is too low, you may want to switch to a different internet connection. Use your mobile data, for instance? Are there any other users at your location who use the same connection and are they perhaps downloading or uploading a lot of data, this can affect your image quality too. Try logging out and logging in again.

What should I do if my sound falters?

First check if your audio is switched on at a medium volume level. If you use audio boxes, check if they are properly connected to your device. Interupted sound can also be a connection problem. Can you switch to a different internet connection, for example through your mobile date connection? Try to log out and log in again.

What should I do if my screen freezes?

You can try refreshing the screen. This solves the problem in many cases. Or try using another browser (Google Chrome or Firefox). You can also try to log out and log back in again.

What should I do if I hear an echo?

You probably have two or more browser tabs open in which the webinar is playing. Close all unnecessary tabs. If you are not sure, close your browser and click again on the link in the email you received.

What should I do if part of my screen is missing / invisible?

Then your screen is probably zoomed in. Press CTRL+0 to fix it.