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When is it a good idea to hire a professional webinar presenter? When you have decided that a webinar is the right tool for your organization to reach your target audience you want them to be impressed by the webinar topic. Presenting and leading a webinar is not as easy as one might think and presenting a webinar is not in everyone’s skillset.

Situations where you might opt for a professional webinar presenter

There are three situations in which it is wise to use someone who is a professional presenter or experienced with preventing webinars:

1. Internally, no one feels comfortable with the role of webinar presenter

If a speaker regularly gives presentations to the staff or clients, for example, then he or she has sufficient presentation experience for a webinar. That doesn’t mean however that he or she feels comfortable with a camera. It is also possible that this person is not the ‘right’ person: in a large organisation it does not necessarily make sense that the CEO gives a webinar, but it may be hard to decide who should do it then. In such cases, it is wise to appoint someone from the outside.

2. There are several webinar speakers / experts

Are there several experts or guests at the webinar? Then it is wise to appoint someone as the main webinar presenter. In this case, the presenter will mainly have the role of webinar moderator. It takes quite a few skills to lead such a conversation in the right direction. For example, ensuring that someone does not talk too long, by asking questions or by moving to the next topic. A presenter is trained to do so and ensures that the webinar reaches a higher level.

3. A webinar interview has added value

More and more companies are opting for an external webinar presenter who also conducts a longer interview. For example a Q&A with the CEO. An important reason is that an interview can add a nice dynamic to the conversation. The question-answer structure of an interview is very pleasant to watch. It is clear for the audience and provides a firm foundation to digest information.

What does a webinar presenter do?

A presenter can perform the following tasks for you:

• Welcoming all participants
• Giving an introduction (what is the subject, what is the agenda)
• Ensuring that all speakers are covered
• Leading the discussion
• Asking questions
• Keeping track of time

Due to our many years of experience, we have a solid database with very suitable webinar presenters. Are you considering having a webinar presenter for your webinar? We will be happy to help you.

Would you like to improve your skills as a presenter? Then you can follow the training for presenters with Online Seminar.

Tips for webinar presenters

In the case you are presenting webinars frequently, Online Seminar has 8 tips for you to stand out as a webinar presenter. Both to the audience and the organizer of the webinar:

  1. Make sure to hand in all your prepared material for your webinar in time

  2. Create easy to read slides

  3. When appropriate, use multimedia content

  4. Enrich your webinar with a casestudy

  5. Involve your audience

  6. Rehearse your presentation more than once

  7. Speak slowly

  8. Form a team with your webinar moderator