Webinar for lead generation

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Clear, accurate and directly applicable data are essential when it comes down to qualifying and generating leads. The webinar platform by OnlineSeminar provides clear data insights.

Get to know your audience

The platform gathers all relevant information about the behaviour of your viewers. How long did they spend watching the webinar? Which subjects had their main interest? In what way did they interact during the broadcast? The answers to all these (and other) questions provide a detailed report on every one of your viewers.

Lead generation

Qualify your leads

Interact with your audience using the chat function. Ask poll questions about important themes. And incite engagement with strategically positioned call to action buttons. With these valuable webinar statistics you know precisely which user is the perfect fit for your product, service or message.

The importance of a good follow up

You want to bind your audience in the future as well. Thus, a follow-up is essential. You can automatically generate invites for upcoming webinars. And thanks to contact info, clicks on call to action buttons, and the chat history you have everything you need for a perfect follow up.