What is a webinar?

A webinar is an interactive, audiovisual, online broadcast. Thousands of participants can watch and actively participate in a webinar, live as well as on demand. The results are measurable thanks to the large amount of data that is collected prior to, during, and after the webinar. After a simple registration process, your target audience can watch the webinar from any location, at any time, and on any device. The OnlineSeminar webinar platform is completely web based, and therefore accessible from smart phone, tablet, laptop, and pc. No software download and installation is required.

Engagement by interaction

The webinar software from OnlineSeminar has a wide range of possibilities to interact with your target audience. Utilize the right functionalities, and you will create engagement with your target audience in your webinar, gather relevant data, and take the appropriate action to harvest. OnlineSeminar would be more than welcome to assist you in organizing your webinar.

Webinar Chat function OnlineSeminar

The chat functionality of OnlineSeminar enables participants to respond and ask questions live, during your webinar. You, as the organizing party of the webinar, measure the opinion of your target audience by posing questions using the functionalities Poll questions and Survey. Present your product and generate leads by utilizing the Call-to-action functionality.

During all your webinars data is collected, giving you the opportunity to harvest valuable information. Personal information of your participants, time online, answers to poll and survey questions, as well as the complete chat history of all your webinars.

Look into some of the functionalities of the OnlineSeminar webinar platform:

As soon as the live broadcast has started, attendees can actively participate in the webinar. A team of moderators handles all incoming questions and remarks, answering them straight away, or sending them to the webinar host of the live broadcast. After each webinar you will receive a complete overview of the chat history.

Would you like to know which of your participants are active customers already? Or which colleagues are familiar with a new procedure? With just a push on the button you will get answers to these questions using the functionality poll questions.
Applying poll questions during a webinar yields an engaged audience, and valuable data. You will receive the results of your polls in the comprehensive report OnlineSeminar produces for you after each webinar.

Do you want to be able to reach out to your participants not only during, but also after your webinar? OnlineSeminar's call-to-action feature enables you to do so. A striking button that leads participants to a link of your choice. Participants can sign up for your mailing list, or next webinar, for example. Or they can ask for a consult or buy your product online. This is all possible with the call-to-action feature of OnlineSeminar.

End your webinar with a survey. You can ask your participants' opinion on the webinar they have just watched, or on a related subject. But the survey is also a new customer touch point, you can utilize perfectly to collect extra data on your participants. The results of the survey are part of the elaborate report you will receive after each webinar.

Are you using webinars as a learning tool? If so, the testing and accreditation module can significantly downsize your work load and therefore lead to considerable savings on expenses and time! At the end of each webinar you can offer your participants a test. Beforehand you set the parameters, and the OnlineSeminar platform determines immediately and automatically whether or not a participant has passed the test. The certificates of the webinar are sent automatically accordingly. You receive an elaborate report with all the results. No more revising work! Everything is integrated in your webinar.

Webinar on demand

Do you wish to record your webinar? OnlineSeminar would be more than welcome to do that for you. The on demand version of your webinar enables you to watch back your webinar, immediately after your live broadcast. This webinar recording allows participants who weren't able to attend the live webinar, to watch it at a suitable time. Did you set up an e-learning webinar? With the interactive on demand version of your webinar, you can still certify participants and assign Permanent Education Points (PE-points).

How to improve a webinar?

The OnlineSeminar platform offers several possibilities to improve your webinar:

  • Presentation slides
  • Video and audio
  • Desktop sharing
  • Remote presenter

3 applications of a webinar

Lead generation

More information
Corporate communication
More information

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